You Don’t Always Have To Say Yes.

Hey there,

I am off this Monday and I could not be happier. I def need the break from the mundane. How do adults do this? Day in and day out. Things are steady for me. I can’t believe it is already the middle of February. WOW! Slow down, time.

I am currently editing my first lookbook and it’s exciting! I also made a huge adult decision and got:


I haven’t had it in almost two years! It is so much better than the cafe. Hands down.

Last time I uploaded a video, I was struggling. I did not have enough time to upload it at the cafe, and it was really hard. I was done.

So here I am! It’s so nice to be home and not out all the time. I am an ambivert (introvert/extrovert mixed) , and I need to be under my covers sometimes.

I need it.

Really happy I am home. I checked out Crouching Tiger from the library. Tbh, I have never watched that movie and I want to. Let’s get it.

So, Saturday morning I go into work early. Like…before Jesus wakes up.

While opening, a cop questioned me. He asked me all of the above:

what is going on?
why are you here?
do you work here?
how long?
what position?
can I see your license?

He walked off, but I felt some kind of way. If I was any other race, this would not have happened. This isn’t the first time that I’ve been questioned like this and sadly, it won’t be the last.

We have such a long ways to go for equality for different people.

Even though the whole conversation we had was RIDICULOUS, I had to keep quiet. I didn’t feel like I could speak up because he would book me or pull a gun on me.

This cop would feel threatened by me. An unarmed bank worker.

It is unreal the social climate we live in. Totally unreal.

Come Lord Jesus.

I have to keep moving and ignore the idiots. If I spend too much time being in my feelings, nothing will be done. Justice won’t be served and people will be stepped on. I don’t want that for anybody.

I want to see change and be the change. I want love and respect people who are not like me. Listen to their hearts and let them listen to mine.

I don’t have all the answers but I know this. It starts with me and it starts with you.

I will see you soon.

My First Look Book

PS: My manager told me I was driving while black and it was really funny.