What Happened To Us?

That title has nothing to do with what I am about to say.

So I made it to day number two! I was looking back on my past blog and I was so poetic. So much so, that I was deeply into my feelings. I haven’t written poetry in a very long time but I feel okay about that. I think that poetry can help or hurt you. Just like most things. I don’t feel the need to write like that anymore.

I’m not desperate for male attention or desire. I am alright with myself.

Today was an okay day.

I need to touch base on something. Having couth in public. This lady who asked me to volunteer for her organization approached me today. Was energetic about her vision. What I wasn’t on board with was her lack of respect for others.

Here’s the thing: if you act like you have no sense in public how in the world do you expect people to agree and follow what you say? You are a living, breathing billboard for your business.

Right now, I am not sold.

Last week, I was in a car a accident and I need minor repair on my car.

My manager will be able to look into it and I am thankful.

God always makes a way for me. Even when I think there isn’t a solution. He is there. Guiding me and helping me make the right decisions. Also, putting people in my life that are willing to help me. That touches my heart. I do not deserve what He gives me but here I am.

Taking it anyway.

I have the rest of the week to look forward to and I want to kickstart everything else.

I don’t do resolutions but I am challenging myself.

I want to be better. Just better in every way. Will I succeed? It’s all up to me which is scary because I am so used to the monotony.

It’s time to break it.

See you soon.

PS: I have my YouTube channel started!

C-c-check it out!


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