Ballin’ On A Budget

Instead of talking about how crummy my day was I want to talk about cooler stuff.

1. I ate kimchi jjigae the other night and it was good. It wasn’t as good as the first time I had it but the restaurant where that happened is now closed. 😔

So this is the next best thing!

2. I finished my taxes and I am very stoked about that. I always do them but it feels nice to be done and not pay the government back. I work hard for that tax break, player.

3. My title. So, I want to mention how you can look fancy and almost do it for free. That was lame but I had to do it. So, my sister and I always find really good clothing at the thrift stores. What makes it even more blessed is when it’s half off on holidays. We try to beat the crowds and go early. Just is and the Latinas. Finding gems.


I tend to go to Old Navy and Target. I scout the clearance racks like no tomorrow. I don’t play around. In Old Navy they always have some kind of sale every time I go. Take advantage of that.

As for Target, don’t worry. That shirt you wanted will be on sale in two weeks for 30 percent off or more. Believe me, they will not sell out.

(If they do sell out of that item it wasn’t meant to be. Next. )

More than likely it will go on sale and you can get for a fraction of the price it was. Which is definitely a blessing, okay?

Now, if you are thinking thrift store clothes are gross then you are right.

Wash and disinfect! Water and soap are on your side.

Once that is done you are good to go. Some of the pieces I’ve bought have had the original tags on them. Gently used or new. Another woman’s trash!

Another place you can bargain hunt are department stores. I wasn’t about them a year ago but my sister changed my mind. She would find treasures forever more in there. I’m over here like:

Plus size girls and women! I’m talking to you. Guys, the clearance at JC Penney’s will make you shed a small tear. No more Wal-Mart butterfly shirts and Tweety v-necks. We are moving up.

4. I am having a great time on HelloTalk.

5. I ate white chocolate reeses cups and they are heaven. I bought a bag. An actual bag of mini cups. No regret whatsoever.

6. I am trying to see what sort of schedule I can come up with for blog entries and YouTube. I want to start that so I can be more organized. This week is a test run on what I can actually do. Surprisingly, I am pretty occupied during the week.

7. Thank you for watching my silly face on YouTube. I want to do better and bring more content that I’m proud of. Last week’s vlog I redid because I wasn’t into it. I uploaded one once I was satisfied with it. My channel will not be filler, but videos I want uploaded. I do what I want.

I will see you soon.


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